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Windows 10 netflix app download location

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Windows 10 netflix app download location


Netflix saves the downloaded content in a particular folder. Follow these steps to find the Netflix download location in Windows 10 and When it comes to streaming, Netflix is one of the best. Not to mention, Netflix allows you to download your favorite shows for offline viewing using the Microsoft Store app. Downloading lets you watch your favorite shows without worrying about internet stability and connectivity issues. When you download a show or movie on Netflix in Windows, it is automatically saved to the disk in a proprietary and encrypted format.

As good as it is, the more shows you download, the more disk space it consumes. This is especially true when you download shows in high quality or 4k resolution.

Though the Netflix app is good at showing how much disk space all the downloaded shows are using in your system. It will not tell you the actual Netflix download location. Knowing the Netflix download location is helpful to see all the folders and downloaded content. So, if you ever want, follow the below steps to find the Netflix download location and where it saves all the downloaded offline video content. Being a Microsoft store application, like any other store app, Netflix stores everything it downloads inside a particular folder within the Windows System drive.

That is, inside your C drive. Steps with a bit more detail:. You can also click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar or Start menu. After opening the File Explorer, paste the below path in the address bar at the top and press Enter. Remember to replace the dummy username with your actual Windows username. This is where Netflix stores all the downloaded files and offline content.

You will see many files with numbers as their names and no file extensions in this folder. Even if you move the Netflix app using the Settings app, the Netflix download location will not change. Since Netflix uses numbers or alphanumerics for the file names, there is no way to tell which file relates to which video, movie, or tv episode. Keep in mind that all these files are DRM protected encrypted and are tied to your specific account. You need to use the Netflix player while signing in to your Netflix account.

Important note: If you have installed the operating system or the Netflix app in some other driver, Netflix saves the downloads in that drive.

In that case, you might have to modify the folder path shown above accordingly. Other than backing up all the files in the Netflix download location in Windows 10 and 11 to restore them after reinstalling or refreshing the operating system, there is not much you can do with these files.

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Netflix Download Folder Location on Windows 10 | Tom’s Guide Forum


Netflix app for Windows 10 now allows you to download or save movies and TV shows on your PC for offline viewing. Netflix app for Windows 10 allows you to quickly view and manage downloaded movies and TV shows without leaving the app. Instead, the app shows all downloaded contents within the app without revealing the actual location on your Windows 10 computer.

When you download a Netflix movie or TV show using the official app, downloaded contents are stored in a folder on the drive where Windows 10 is installed. If the system drive, the drive where Windows 10 is installed, is filling up fast, you might want to move some of the downloaded Netflix movies and TV shows to some other drives or external drives. UserName is the actual user account name. Once you navigate to the above directory, you will see all downloaded movies and TV shows.

However, the size of the file might give you some clue. Please bear in mind that the Netflix app will not recognize or play contents if you rename or change the files. You can use this method to save Netflix to external drives as well. How to add Google Calendar to Windows 11 Taskbar. Best Settings for Ready or Not. Farming Simulator 22 reveals Gamescom update trailer. Microids delays long-awaited sequel Flashback 2 to How to pre-install Genshin Impact 3.

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