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Some games have terrible frame pacing on consoles, and great on PC, others it’s the reverse. How are you guys using Riva Tuner on Win10? I am not able to run it after the upgrade. I googled and found some versions that were supposed to work, but no luck. Oct 27, 7, I’ve gotten bad frame pacing at 30fps with practically every PC game I’ve played. I always use RTSS to cap it myself. Using Nvidia’s half-refresh rate Vsync helps, too.

RoboitoAM Member. AfropunkNyc Banned. Nov 15, 3, Best way is locking your fps to atleast 40fps. Deleted member Banned. Oct 25, 13, I’ve tinkered a bunch and I rarely can replicate the console 30 FPS feel. I stopped because it was too bothersome. Asbsand Banned. Oct 30, 9, Denmark. Feels just like the PS4 version but I did have some annoying frame-pacing issues which is just because my pc is bottlenecked in some ways.

Alexandros Member. Oct 26, 13, Very few console games are like this so I wouldn’t really call it a “console feel”. Most 30 fps console games drop frames all the time. VaporSnake Member. Oct 28, 4, This is probably dreadfully obvious, but i’m gonna say it anyway. Zedelima Member. Oct 25, 5, And why the frame-pacing its introduced in the first place?

I lock my games on 30 too but its very difficult to get rid of this issue. Wislizeni Member. I feel frame capping through Nvidia Inspector comes out really nice!

There’s tearing, but delivery is pretty smooth, especially compared to capping in-game. I only ever find myself noticing it during still shots in cutscenes. That said, if you want to cap to 30 and use mouse and keyboard, I personally think it doesn’t work. Frame delivery is so low, and mouse movement is meant to be snappy, so it’s bound to feel off. What I’ve aimed for recently is capping my games at 45fps. It’s less of a sacrifice than 30fps, and still manages to feel snappy during gameplay, like its big sibling 60fps.

Last edited: Nov 28, Zojirushi Member. Oct 26, 2, So you might need to try to find that setting or two that are expecially heavy on the CPU and turn that down to even stuff out even more. Don’t just go like oh well, it’s only 30fps I can crank everything to the max and play at 4K now. Last edited: Nov 26, Oct 25, 14, That way you’ll have stable frametimes, as well as low input lag for a 30fps game and no tearing.

Thankfully, some games are starting to come with decent 30fps lock options these days. The Evil Within 2 even provides you with an in-game tool to measure the frametimes. Zedelima said:. Pargon said:. With 30 FPS presented at 60Hz, there is the possibility of frames being presented early, late, or on time, even if none of them are dropped, because there are 60 time slots that 30 frames can be placed into.

That’s why half-refresh V-Sync is the solution to this and not a framerate limiter. Half-refresh V-Sync treats the display like it’s 30Hz, which means that 30 frames should all be presented with proper frame-pacing, if none of them are dropped. Deleted member User requested account closure Banned.

Oct 25, Last edited: Sep 24, Wowfunhappy Member. Oct 27, 3, Hey OP, if the frame-rate drops you’re experiencing aren’t too severe, you could set your monitor’s refresh rate to 50hz. Almost all monitors support this, and it should feel perfect provided your computer can sustain at least 50 fps. As for why 30 fps feels sluggish—while it’s true that some in-game framerate caps have poor frame pacing, another problem is that you’re used to how Hitman looks at 60 fps. You’ve never played Breath of the Wild above 30 fps, so the lower framerate looks “better” as a result.

CheeseWraith Member. Oct 28, Is there any possible fix for this. This can be observed when you change the volume when a game is running,the fps suddenly drops from to 30 and all windowed apps are also limited to 30 fps.

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Then clean install the latest video card drivers. Originally posted by melt :. Last edited by Tev ; 21 Aug, am. It’s only affecting csgo and i did anything. A windows 10 update just came out of nowhere and changed my fps from constantly to One of my friend had the same issue and he didn’t resolved it either. I have the same problem for my new laptop. DVR didn’t do anything, console commands don’t work either.

Any solution? Do you have vertical synchronisation on in the game? I have this problem in all games, and what? Vertical syncronisation?


Windows 10 30 fps lock free


I want to fix this issue where all the ui and animation in windows 10 are stuck at 30 fps. Is there any possible fix for this. This can be observed when you change the volume when a game is running,the fps suddenly drops from to 30 and all windowed apps are also limited to 30 fps. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community.

Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Hi, I want to fix this issue where all the ui and animation in windows 10 are stuck at 30 fps.

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My specs are Intel w Rx 16 gb ram This can be observed when you change the volume when a game is running,the fps suddenly drops from to 30 and all windowed apps are also limited to 30 fps. Thanks for your feedback.

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Windows 10 30 fps lock free. Gaming locked at 30fps


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Oct 26, 4, Most ingame v-sync options seem to give me more input lag or have a weird sluggishness to them. Locking to RTSS just makes the frame drops more noticeable.

Jonneh NintendoLife Verified. Oct 24, 4, UK. Any “why would you want to play at 30fps” posts will result in warnings or bans. Oct 28, 1, Portsmouth. RTSS lock to 30, motion blur up I guess. What is console feel exactly? Al3x1s Banned. Nov 13, 2, Greece. How is locking it to 30 with RTSS more noticable?

And more noticable than what? The game just needs to have good frame pacing, few have problems with that these days. Some games have gameplay that somehow feels better in 30fps than others but that’s not a console exclusive feature, like Toukiden Kiwami on PC the first is a 30fps game that somehow feels nice enough to play I don’t even enjoy that game, or its 60fps sequel just speaking technically, the feedback and feel of responsiveness even if used to higher frame rates.

Oct 27, Can you set refresh rate in the nvidia control panel? Deleted member user requested account closure Banned. Oct 26, 7, Oct 25, 2, Click to expand Al3x1s said:. Luulubuu said:. Probably not only 30 fps, but you will need also to adapt some of AA or even more advanced techs, a good way to start is videos where the game is played in different platforms and start tweaking.

Say if the game isn’t hitting 60fps. These drops seem like they are multiplied by 2 when you cap it to 30fps. I’m CPU bound. So lowering settings isn’t going to help. Xiaomi Member. Oct 25, 7, RTSS is really the way to go for games that support it, or Nvidia’s half-refresh vsync. Oct 27, 21, The Milky Way. Oct 26, 4, From the old site from , Czech Republic. That said, disasble motion blur – I like it at 60, but methods of it on PC aren’t near the “console” feel. Nvidia’s Adaptive “Half Refresh Rate” with max pre rendered frames setting feels a lot like console.

Have to playtest more to find out though. Risev Member. Oct 27, 1, My experience with locking games to 30 fps on PC is that there are usually problems with frame pacing. This is often what causes games to feel sluggish on PC at 30 fps compared to their console counterparts. It’s a little ironic when it comes to bad ports. Many developers with bad PC ports will usually imply that they never really intended for their recommended specs to hit 60 fps, yet their games are also never optimized to play at 30 fps smoothly.

I’ve had this problem with Forza Horizon 3 for example. The game launched with a subpar PC port that had many problems keeping up a constant 60 fps, even on my powerhouse of a PC. Even turning down some settings didn’t fix the occasional stutters that occurred here and there. Sub fps is usually worse than a constant locked 30 fps in my experience, so I decided that I wanted to lock the game to 30 fps.

The result never felt right. I’ve later played the Xbox One version of Horizon 3, and it felt much smoother at 30 fps than it did for me at 30 on pc. Most PC developers, in my experience simply don’t care about making sure the frame pacing is proper on 30 fps. This is most likely because frame pacing is not an issue above 60 fps.

I’ve heard that forcing V-Sync through the Nvidia Control Panel does a lot to alleviate frame pacing problems when locking games to 30 fps, yet I’m not sure if it’ll feel good enough at most games when running at that framerate. It is running at 30, but feels good. Either placebo or if those games were also on PC they’d feel just as good to play, like my Toukiden Kiwami example, unless the OP can confirm Hitman at 30 on a console feels smoother than Hitman at 30 on his PC or something. Risev said:.

I can vouch to what OP meant when he was talking about 30 fps feeling off on PC. It’s all about frame pacing. Even if both the PC and Console version of a game were both locked at a constant 30 fps, frame pacing issues can cause both versions to run very differently when it comes to how smooth they are. Nov 2, 2, I mentioned frame pacing in my first comment I edited that in soon after posting it actually but I didn’t think there are many multi-platform games that have good frame pacing on consoles yet bad on PC, I figured it’s more commonly an engine issue like in the Souls games which were sluggish on all systems.

Kinthalis Banned. Oct 30, Overture Member. Oct 25, 1, Portugal. You will notice it much less with a controller. Dictator Digital Foundry Verified. GazRB Member. You might need to just spend some time getting adjusted. Beef Stallmer Banned. I would love to know how to do this as well on my Mac ; it should result in lower temperatures and thus less fan noise also right?

Roytheone Member. Oct 25, 3, GazRB said:. Samsquanchewans User Permed at their request Banned. Pargon Member. Oct 27, 9, I feel like this conversation has been brought up several times in the last couple of weeks. Don’t use a framerate limiter. Framerate limiters cannot ensure good frame-pacing for this. You may need to run games in Fullscreen Exclusive mode for it to work.

Latency is always going to increase if the framerate is halved, and it’s always more noticeable with a mouse. Reducing the “Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames” setting to “1” will help reduce latency with V-Sync on, and can also improve frame-pacing.


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