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Use your computer keyboard or click on the guitar strings to play the guitar. The four rows of keys on your keyboard correspond to the four lowest strings. Clone Hero. (1 vote) Free Download for Windows. Download Guitar Games Free – Best Software & Apps · Guitar Tuna · Real Guitar Free · Clone Hero · Frets on Fire X · Frets on Fire · Jam Studio VR · DigiBand · Bass.


Guitar games for pc


Embarking on an adventure to learn guitar usually starts with buying your first guitar, followed by electric guitar lessons, guitar lessons, and then, a day, a few months later, a certain level.

Once achieved, enthusiasm wanes as quickly as it comes. Excuses are often wrong. So, is it possible to learn to play the guitar with computer games?

Although it may sound like a strange question, computer and console games actually have a lot of advantages in the process of learning guitar, even if not from scratch. Of course, it is not without its cons. If you are wondering the answer to this question, continue reading this fun and educational article. In fact, the clearest answer to this question is that learning to play the guitar with a stand-alone computer game or console game is an imaginary thing.

It is important not to ignore the different parameters and the difference between playing and actually making art. However, on the other hand, these games will set your goals that will motivate you in the adventure of learning to play the guitar and increase your sense of satisfaction. Guitar Hero is a series of video games developed by Activision.

The game is played with a three-knob guitar and is suitable for both beginners and six-string experts. The configuration of the notes on the screen is designed so that the player can naturally place their fingers on the neck of the guitar. The game shows you everything you need to do: in a comprehensive guitar tutorial, Guitar Hero gives you the keys to performing the first basic solos, tuning the guitar, and playing blues, rock, or even jazz or folk.

The guitar is equipped with digital buttons that control different game modes. Any microphone with a USB plug can be used. It can be attached to a console to play with a friend or to combine guitar audio tracks and play like a pro. The advantages of learning the guitar with Guitar Hero are that the actor is on stage: he is a rock star and should be able to play it without making mistakes, facing a fan base. During the performance, the audience will react differently, making the experience more realistic, more immersive.

With Guitar Hero, you have the chance to put yourself in the shoes of a guitar star, with access to over tracks that are constantly updated. On the other hand, Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix and as of today, it is in the fourth version of the series.

The nice thing is that all instruments from older versions of Rock Band are usable and compatible, and new accessories are popping up. Like Guitar Hero, the Rock Band puts the player in the place of a guitarist and brings him onto the stage. Two game options are possible with Rock Band. The story mode starts with forming a band and going on tour, as well as show mode that allows multiple players but without the pressure of performance. Each player can join or leave the game as they wish.

The Freestyle Guitar Solo mode offers the opportunity to play real guitar solos, and during your performance, as elsewhere, the crowd will respond with approval or displeasure. Now, a new video game has arrived to improve guitar learning: Rocksmith. This new game radically changes the tone because the user can become a player with a real electric guitar.

Rocksmith is a new tool for learning the guitar both quickly and efficiently. The user plugs their guitar directly into a game console or even your computer like a gaming PC or your Mac and guitar lessons begin….

Learning major scale and pentatonic scale, finger exercise and playing your favourite style of music on guitar. As a true personal guitar teacher, Rocksmith is like a complete guitar learning platform where he will analyze his playing style, adjust the difficulty level based on skills, and present new sequences as progress are made until the player knows how to pick up their favourite tunes. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Search for:.


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