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Cart 0. That had a great impact on the whole Midi Controller conception. Live 9 and the Push hardware were both officially released on March 5, New devices The big new instrument is Wavetable , which, as the name suggests, is a Wavetable Synth that uses waveforms from analog synths and other instruments to model sounds. The main parameters to have in mind are: The Drive, which is something like a pre-amp where you can select the type.

The Compressor, that works before the input distortion, you can trim the input signal to work with it better. The Crunch, that adds extra distortion to the mid-high frequencies. You can damp the overall signal after processing. The Transients, within the Crunch section, this knob emphasizes or de-emphasizes the transients of this mid-high freq. The Boom, it changes the amount of low-frequency enhancement you add to your drums. This is just the tip of the iceberg though, there are some very handy new W orkflow Improvements like: Multiple MIDI clip editing , that means that when you select more than one MIDI track, the edit view shows the content of two or more clips in one view for better control of the musical relationships in a song.

In live 9 you have to do everything one track at a time. Arrangement View improvements, such as Nudging , T ime stretching , One-key zooming, and drag-and-drop Track duplication make editing faster and easier. This can be useful when you are creating or adjusting your drum loops, for example. Groups within groups , it really improves your Set organization even with lots of tracks and a detailed arrangement. Assign Track or Group Color to clips , to improve your overall organization live 10 has another very handy feature when you assign your track or group color, you can also assign it to the whole group, or all the clips in your track, without having to select them, and then right-click it, like in Live 9.

Saving and backups , you no longer lose your Undo history when you save button. In addition to that, it now automatically creates backup versions of your work, as you go, and keeps them in the project folder. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Head over to our Contact page and let us know. Audacity is a free multi-track audio editor and recorder. The freeware enables people to go beyond the basics of sound editing by offering high-quality audio, plug-ins, etc. Developed by volunteers, t. Compared to other famous software sequencing tools, Ableton is designed to be a multi-tasking instrum. WhatsApp bit for Windows is a free messaging application that lets users connect with friends and family around the world.

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What is TeamSpeak? Users who are looking for. Based on a powerful editing. Plus, a new set of Packs from Spitfire Audio capturing the intimate sound of orchestral chamber instruments.

Excluded Included Unlimited tracks and scenes Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and unlimited scenes mean Live can handle even your biggest projects with ease. Included Included More inputs and outputs audio input and output channels as well as 12 send and return tracks let you get creative with signal and effect routing. Included Included.

Upgrades to Standard or Suite cost less than a new license. Log in to see your upgrade discount. Live 11 Fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. Live 11 Suite Complete integrated studio. Live 11 Standard Full features plus extras.

Live 11 Intro Essentials at a great price. Push Play melodies and chords, make beats, trigger loops and clips with Push.



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And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, built in seamlessly. July 4, July 4, May 22, May 22, April 1, April 1, Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Download Torrent. Related Posts. Steinberg — Cubase Elements, Artist, Pro Ableton — Live Suite v This makes editing multi-tracked instruments or performances with multiple musicians easy and fast whilst keeping everything in time across tracks. This feature also works for MIDI tracks.

Use your MPE-capable controller Plug in your MPE-capable controller and immediately add bends, slides and pressure for each individual note in a chord. Add subtle expression variations, morph between chords and create evolving sonic textures.

What is MPE? This way of using MIDI allows MPE-capable devices to control multiple parameters of every note in real time for more expressive instrumental performances. Hybrid Reverb combines convolution and algorithmic reverbs. Place your sounds in any space, from accurate real-life environments to those that defy physical reality. Use the algorithmic side to add control and modulate the reverb tail, run it in parallel or in series with the convolution side, or play Hybrid Reverb like an instrument for real-time sound design.

Spectral Resonator Breaks the spectrum of an incoming audio signal into partials, then stretches, shifts and blurs the result by a frequency or a note in subtle or radical ways.

The MIDI sidechain input also allows musicians to process material in key and even play the device as if it were a polyphonic instrument. Spectral Time Transforms sound into partials and feeds them into a frequency-based delay, resulting in metallic echoes, frequency-shifted and reverb-like effects. The Freeze function captures and holds a slice of audio — either free-running or in time with the beat — for stuttered, glitched and washed-out effects. PitchLoop89 Create jittery glitch effects, delayed digital shimmers and outlandish vibrato with this Max for Live pitch shifting device created in collaboration with Robert Henke and inspired by the Publison DHM 89 — an early digital effects processor.

Duration Inspired by Nature Six playful instruments and effects created in collaboration with Dillon Bastan that use natural and physical processes as their inspiration. Vector FM — Manipulate different combinations of FM oscillators represented by moving particles — play with movement and voices to create evolving modulations and textures.

Duration Vector Grain — A granular looper that visualizes sound modulation by moving particles on the interface — play with attraction and magnetism or loop the particles through a flow field. Duration Vector Delay — Each visualized particle in this multitap delay device represents a different delay line — create pitch shifting or reverse delay effects with movement controlled by physical forces. Duration Emit — This visual granular synthesizer uses particles shooting across a spectrogram to show the grain of a sample being played, while vertical movements represent filtering and panning.

Duration Tree Tone — Grow different fractal patterns inspired by plants, then use them as resonators for internally generated noise or incoming audio. Duration Bouncy Notes — Bounce balls up and down a piano roll to create pitch shifting delay effects or arpeggiation with this gravity-based MIDI sequencer.

Do more on stage Play video: A producer and drummer duo show tempo following and Macro improvements in action A producer and drummer duo show tempo following and Macro improvements in action. Tempo Following Live listens to and adjusts its tempo based on incoming audio in real time, making it a dynamic part of the band instead of the tempo source that everyone has to follow.

Macro Variations Store the state of your Macros for later recall — perfect for creating instant variations to your sounds or builds and drops during performance.

Rack improvements Configure your Racks to have between 1 and 16 Macros. Randomize the state of your Macros with the randomization button.

Map this control to MIDI and perform drastic changes in real time to surprise your audience and yourself. Be unpredictable Note chance Set the probability that a note or drum hit will occur and let Live generate surprising variations to your patterns that change over time. Velocity chance Define ranges for velocity probability for subtle, humanized variations in the dynamics of your patterns. Do more with Follow Actions Follow Actions can now be linked to the clip length, making it faster to create interesting sequences of clips.

Scene Follow Actions let you create evolving arrangements. You can also set Follow Actions to jump to specific clips and enable and disable Follow Actions globally.

Work with new sounds New instruments Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio, these three Instrument Packs bring the dynamic chamber ensemble textures to any production. Duration Upright Piano Upright Piano infuses your productions with the natural warmth of an upright piano. Duration Brass Quartet Feature a rich blend of trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn and trombone in your music.

Duration String Quartet From delicate pizzicato droplets to full, vibrant layers, get the authentic timbres and textures of a string quartet. This combination of two violins, viola and cello has a sound that is immediately intimate, and is also a great starting point for sonic exploration. New Curated Collections These Packs capture the musical threads that tie evolving styles and scenes together.

Each is a curated selection of instruments, clips and samples that share a common sonic theme. Duration Voice Box Voice Box invites you to get inventive with vocals.

This Pack features a comprehensive collection of contemporary vocal samples from multiple voices, a set of playable vocal instruments, and Effect Racks designed for vocal processing. Duration Mood Reel Set the scene with a collection of sounds for making music with a modern narrative feel. Evocative layered instruments combine organic and synthetic sounds with textural elements to add mood, space and movement to productions. Duration Drone Lab Drone Lab is a place of sustain.

Weave complex, evolving threads through your productions with tonal and textural samples, generative noise, multisampled instruments, plus devices and Effect Racks designed for experimentation.


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